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There is plenty of variation in the hay market these days, with lots of deviation on quality and consistency. Simply put: Not all producers are alike.

What separates us from the competition is simply four things:

  • Cannon Ranch sells test-quality hay in large square 3 x 4 bales. We are pleased to offer Alfalfa, Orchard Grass and Wheat Mix.
  • Cannon Ranch organically fertilizes fields with a compost blend of hog and cattle manure, which is spread during the winter months to ensure deep rooting when growing season begins.
  • We only process our bales using a hay steamer from Staheli West. Steamed hay decreases leaf loss by up to 50%, therefore increasing our yields. The steam penetrates the hay to make it softer, more nutritious and palatable to the animal. Most importantly, our buyers know with confidence that our steamed hay offers consistency.
  • After our steamed hay is baled, it is put into one of our four hay barns that are covered not only on top, but also fully on the sides. Therefore, we do not have issues with loss due to sun rot or mold due to rain. This results in improved digestibility and palatability so that you end up with more consumable dry matter at feeding.

Hay Highlights

  • Test-quality alfalfa, orchard grass, or wheat mix hay.
  • Organically fertilized.
  • Baled using a hay steamer for increased leaf and consistency.
  • Stored in hay barns to prevent loss and mold due to sun and rain.