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Compared with pure bread cows, F1 Crossed Angus/Hereford cows provide hybrid vigor, deliver 8% more efficiency, live 38% longer and yield 25% more in lifetime production in pounds of calves weaned.

Our Angus/Hereford F1 Black Baldies are bred from our strong foundation program developed from elite Montana genetics. We only buy the best purebreds for our herd from superior programs such as Sitz Angus, Holden Herefords, and Circle L.

All our females offered for sale are bred both artificially and natural using only some of the top angus, calving ease bulls in the country. We breed for both performance and ease to make your calving days simpler and more profitable.

All the females offered via private treaty were bred, raised and handled professionally with great care on our ranch. They will be tested and guaranteed to be pregnant at time of sale.

*We offer both fall and spring bred cattle.

Black Baldies Highlights

  • High-quality replacement females.
  • F1 crossed from our angus purebred females and Hereford bulls.
  • Boost fertility and longevity.
  • Increase profitability, cash flow and herd size.
  • Pasture or Range, the performance is the same.

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